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What is a Reach In Stainless Steel Refrigerator?

Reach in refrigerators can be found in a variety of different industries and have the storage capacity of at least 15 cubic feet or more. Often they are found as a stainless steel refrigerator and will be used for storing things that are perishable, especially food. They are generally found in restaurants but can also be found at medical facilities so they can store biologicals like serums and medical supplies that need to be kept at temperatures between 30 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. The most common sizes you will see will be 15 to 85 cubic feet.

Most commonly it's the stainless steel refrigerator finish that you will find but you can find aluminum or vinyl finishes as well. All the interiors generally have one of two different finishes and that would be metal or plastic. The insulation for these units are either a batten type of polystyrene or urethane. This type of refrigerator is usually a self contained unit and has an air cooled condenser. Some larger units will come with a remote condenser or water cooled condenser.

The typical self contained unit has the evaporator mounted on the center of the upper part of where the food compartment is. When it operates, the warm air is taken up by the fan into the upper section of the cooler of the unit. Then it passover over the evaporator coils, is cooled down and then it goes out of the bottom of the cooler. The air will then pass through the inside and around all of the items that are in the unit.

The stainless steel refrigerator and other reach ins have their low pressure control set to operate the evaporator on a self defrosting type of cycle and this makes the temperature control led. There is another kind of control and it uses both the temperature and the low pressure control or defrost on each of it's cycles. The fan of the evaporator is wired so that it is in continuous operation inside the cabinet.

Most often, the evaporators in a reach in refrigerator whether it's a stainless steel refrigerator or not, are usually the unit cooler type with some dry coils. In smaller units, there are ice making coils, these are similar to the ones used in your domestic style refrigerators and they can work just as well as the straight gravity style coils. In these smaller units, R-12 and R-502 will normally be used as a coolant.

There are many different suppliers that offer both new and used reach in stainless steel, aluminum or vinyl finish refrigeration units in a variety of different capacities. It of course depends upon what the needs are of your company on what kind of unit that you will invest in. But with the variety of different ones to pick from and the variety of different companies out there selling them, you shouldn't have an issue finding one.

Once you have found the stainless steel refrigerator that you need, remember that you will need to make sure that you treat it with care and make sure that you have maintenance done on it and make sure that you contact someone as soon as you think there is something wrong with the unit. This is why it's good to make sure that you have a reliable company on hand in order for you to be able to get service as soon as you need it.

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