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How To Keep Your Party Foods Cold

If you are giving a summer party, you know that people are going to want some cold foods to help cool themselves down and so that means, it's important that you have plenty of refrigeration room to keep these foods chilled. Sometimes your refrigerator in your kitchen might need a little bit of help for your party so here are a few pointers on how you can keep your food chilled and your party going strong.

Of course your home refrigerator is going to be working hard for you but often times it simply doesn't have as much extra space as you might need for your party because after all, they are designed for use in an average family home and not parties and large groups of people.

If you are having a party away from home it might be a lot easier to keep your items cold especially if the venue has large coolers or even walk in type refrigeration units. This would be ideal for the summer party that is away from home.

It is important to understand what the right temperatures are that are needed to keep your items cool and fresh. Most refrigerators function at 40 degrees which is 8 degrees above freezing, so make sure that your refrigerator is running at that temperature if you want to keep your party food good and fresh. So Try not to pile food on top of each other when you are storing your items for your party because items need to have space between for the cool air to circulate between the items.

If you have food that is still hot but you need to keep it in the fridge to cool off for the party, you don't need to let it cool down before putting it in your refrigerator. The faster the food cools off the better so don't be afraid to put freshly cooked food right into your refrigerator so that it will be ready in time for the party.

If you don't have enough space in your refrigerator for your party then you should enlist the help of coolers, the kind you use for camping and picnics. Your standard sized family coolers are 33 cubic feet to 55 cubic feet in size and if you have several of them around for your party food storage you should have plenty of space for your food. A good thing to do when filling the coolers up with ice is to actually take the coolers with you to the store, buy the ice and then fill the coolers up with ice while you are at the store, this way the coolers will be nice and chilled and ready for your party food.

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